We can deal with a man in a crop top. A little mid-drift on show can actually be kinda sexy (especially when it’s the models from Coitus Magazine), but FRINGE. I mean… We wouldn’t even know where to start with the list of things wrong with that – and on a man too. BUT, and there’s always a BUT… It don’t matter how much fringing, how many tassles or if that crop top was so short it was in fact a boob tube – Zac Efron is still fitter than anyone you’ve ever met in real life. He could be wearing kitten heels and a traffic cone on his head and we’d still bang him. I mean, you still would though wouldn’t you?


In fact, the awful fashion statement just gives one more reason to rip his clothes off. Don’t worry too much though, he hasn’t just popped out to 7/11 for some milk. He’s filming scenes for new movie Dirty Grandpa.


SEE? Still, damn fine.