Last year Ellen Degeneres kicked up quite the stir when she auditioned a load of hunky guys to be her new gardener. Add to that the nude photo leak Billy Reilich endured – and you got a hole whole lot of publicity right there. Something that this guy – Tyler Winder – really wants to be in on. Especially once learning that allegedy went on to have an audition for Magic Mike – ’cause you know Ellen’s phonebook has more famous people than Lindsay’s list of conquests.

After unsuccessfully auditioning to be her gardener, Winder is persistant to take the easy route to fame as he desperately dances with a broom, covers his face in dirt and puts a traffic cone on his head. Yikes. Ellen you better snatch him up before we do; there’s a competent handyman if ever we saw one.

Maybe use that tool box to fix up this joke.

[H/T: The Gaily Grind]