Cristiano Ronaldo has released further promo shots for his updated underwear range CR7, and the footballer/wannabe model is looking as fine as ever with those tight abs, HD brows and can we talk about THOSE thighs please?

Sure, the shots are sexy and will obviously market his brand across the world (although without even  marking a scratch on Beckham‘s sales), but are they really selling the pants? Firstly, you can’t see them with ease. Secondly, you need to pull some Bieber shit if you want them to get noticed. Sorry, but selling underwear ain’t about subtlety. It’s not about how hard you smize or how seductive your body language is – it’s about how big your dick looks and how pert your bum is. Sex sells – especially when it comes to underwear – it’s good stuff but Cristiano could be bolder with his approach.



[Photo Credit: Daily Mail]