A YEAR FROM NOW. The world is more fucked up than we imagined, and the only people that survived are Lucious Lyons and Madge. Oh, and one of Angelina Jolie’s kids. The way Terrance Howard (Empire) is ’bout to gun a bitch down, and then he’s all like, ‘oh shit! That’s Madonna!’

The pair square up, and Madge is all like, ‘yeah what?’ She don’t even care that he’s holding a gun, she’s like I’mma fuck you up with just this stick, because bitch, I’m Madonna. Then they just break out into dance, because it’s the PG version of fucking and Madge still has to market this shit to kids. C’mon though, you ain’t gonna repopulate nothing with your clothes still on, girl.

Still, very hypnotic though. And the way she gets her leg over like no gran I’ve ever seen! Gwan gal.

Also sorry, but where did that gap come from?! Has it got bigger? Is it a fashion thing? Girl, leave that shit to Georgia Jaggar.

That aside, the bitch is looking good! Hair is on fleek. The song’s more of a grower, but tbh it would be hard to hate a Madonna song even if she had Ali G in the video. Oh, wait…