What better celebrity to have grace the cover of their Reinvention Issue, that troubled 21-year-old toss pot Justin Bieber. After insisting he’s a changed man on the Ellen show, and reiterating that he needs to grow up in this April’s issue of Men’s Health – we wonder (and hope) he really will. Being in the spotlight at such a young age is a hard thing, so hopefully he’ll start making amends, and stop acting like he’s one of the T Birds.

He says he’s changed his body and is proud to be finally getting recognition for it. Yeah, still though, nobody cares about your body when there’s dick pics you’ve sent to Selena floating around. Hmm… if only there was a gym for personality.


He’ll also be getting roasted on Comedy Central on March 20th. We’ll be tuning in fo’ sho’!

[Photo Credit: Men’s Health]