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Leading LGBT and domestic abuse charity, Broken Rainbow have got a bit of a helping hand (and cock) from King’s College Rugby Team who’ve thrown caution to the wind and their kit on the pavement. But these boys weren’t hiding away in no studio, or fields of corn – they were getting nekkid all around their University campus. Now that takes balls, especially in the cold. Imagine the man you want looking out his classroom window at your chipolata, and you’re all like ‘Nah bruh, it’s freezin’ out here, swear!’

All proceeds go to the charity, and you can buy yo’s here. Broken Rainbow said “We have many young LGBT callers and we hope that by buying the calendar, students will become aware of the issue and that our helpline is there for them if ever they, or someone they know, need it”.

Head of the rugby team, Barney Lynock said he hoped it help towards tackling homophobia in sport, also.

Living for the queen in the bow tie who looks like she’s about start leaking from her under-carriage.

[H/T: Gay Star News]