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Frankie Grande apparently didn’t come out of the closet, he burst out and brought every feather boa and tiara with him. He reminds me of me six years ago. So though people in glass houses shouldn’t throw glitter, I gotta tell you Frankie – sack that stylist; she’s either blind, incompetent or fucking hates you. As for those naff animations for backgrounds? Call Ariana and get her to pull some strings on the budget! Aside from that I like his voice, but the song – though has a real catchy hook – is nothing special. Actually, everything apart from the hook kinda sucks.

Sister is living in that shower cap though! Gwan wit yo’ bad-self!

Also, how much does Frankie Grande hate smokers to create a whole song about it? If that is your biggest relationship trauma, you need to move on. He’s got potential though, just needs an image overhaul and a decent song behind him (no pun intended).