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Well, we didn’t see this one coming. Squeaky clean Jessica Simpson let her hair down, and her words slur in the latest video to go viral of the pop star drunker than Lindsay Lohan on a 18-30s holiday in Benidorm.

We love a good girl gone bad. Well, if you can call totally wankered on the red carpet, “bad”. It’s hardly a head-shaving, or a badass court appearance (let’s face it, even Nigella got more street cred than her) but it is the messiest she been, since she weighed bout 4 stone and thrashed her punani all over a Cadillac in the These Boots Are Made For Walking video. Speaking of… Yeah miss her! Bring back skinny Simpson.

But until then, enjoy Jessica licked up from all angles at the Teen Vogue bash. Wonder if the kids had her downing Lambrini and doing shots of After Shock.

That right hand has a life of it’s own, as those talking about her boyfriend’s shirts is a big philosophical statement. Our FAVOURITE bit is: “If I’m not wearing a good outfit, I can’t sing a good song” – is she actually inviting us to point out that 90% of her music is not good songs? And that she’s had numerous (countless, even) bad fashion choices? Jessie, you’re no Victoria Beckham, and far from Adele too. To be fair though, she is totally entertaining being unable to string a sentence together!