So it was about time somebody interviewed a load of gays about their behaviour when using hook-up apps. Are we liars? Are we sluts? Are we successful? The latest infographic from sheds some light onto the questions as well as the age average, how forward we are and our attitudes towards HIV.

Obviously some of the answers come across as surprising when you consider you own perceptions and experiences of these apps.Is 18-24 really the most common age of gays with these apps? 71% have met someone off an app and it turned into more, really? And this app called Adam & Adam is the third most popular, but I don’t know a single person that uses, or who has even ever mentioned it?


The question about responses when asked if your hung also only totals  79%… So we’re a little stumped as to what happened to the other 21% – perhaps they just don’t answer. What do you think of these new statistics?