It literally feels like Lady Gaga’s engagement has just dropped out of the sky. I’m not even gonna lie, I thought she was dating that old man she’s been singing with. Apparently not! Apparently, she’s been dating him for years! WTF! Where have I been? Good for you girl, high five on the Hollywood beefcake. And for anyone else a little out of the loop, here’s Taylor Kinney 101:

1. He gave Gaga the ride of her life in the You And I video, and even there she looks like she’s being penetrated by the holy ghost:


2. He was smashing Cameron Diaz in The Other Women. But he doesn’t take his shirt off in that movie so here’s a totally unrelated image:


3. He was also in Vampire Diaries, but seen as he didn’t take his shirt off in that either, he’s another unrelated modelling pic:


4. And he’s in Chicago Fire, thankfully though, those writers have a bludclart head on their shoulders:

Chicago Fire - Season Pilot

5. A smart enough head to get him shirtless more than once


6. There’s something really sexy about his belly button, makes you wanna eat jelly babies outta it


7. He’s a smoker. But nobody even notices, because did you?


8. He looks really good in a towel



9. Not really sure what else you need to know?


Sorry but if girl can go walking round in dresses made of raw meat, and other bat-shit crazy stuff and bag a man this fine, there’s a little hope for us all.