During last night’s Brit Awards, social media was sent into a frenzy – a FREN-ZY! – when Queen of Pop Madonna fell backwards down a flight of stairs during her performance of Living For Love. And if you think it sounds bad… you can see it here again if you missed it:

It’s quite possibly one of the single most embarrassing things that could happen to a person. Sure, it happened to Beyoncé too – but Beyoncé isn’t pushing 60, and most people weren’t watching that performance live on TV. It makes bumping in to your ex-boyfriend after you’ve put on 20 lbs seem like child’s play. Even your pussy falling out on the red carpet doesn’t come close. So, what’s the first thing we can take away from Madge’s tumble…

If you can survive a fall like that, at The Brits, in front of that many people, at that age – you can survive anything. Don’t think the next time Madge gets her heart broken she’s gonna be like ‘and what bitch? I dropped at The Brits. BYE.’

Secondly, it can exercise how people view failure differently. Viewers very quite clearly divided, from shocked, to amused, to concerned. So, while there’ll always be people ready to laugh at you when you go down like a sack of shit:

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.40.12

There are always people who would stop to help…

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.33.55

Realistically, in the incident, admittedly it was a little funny – you know, because people falling over usually is. A bit. But it definitely reminds us that some people are on the edge of their seat, waiting for us to fall. Others are cheering you when you get back up.

Madonna, aside from being infinitely richer, talented and more famous, is just like you and I. As Queen Bradshaw so wisely states:


Because the only thing worse than falling down, is lying there for the rush-hour crowd to tread on your back. But not only is Madonna human, all celebrities are. Yes, Madonna falls over and Beyoncé has bad skin days and Gaga is chubby sometimes, but maybe that’s what should make them more likeable – not a subject of criticism. OBVIOUSLY, I’m not suggesting we stop taking the piss out of them, girl please, I’d have no livelihood. But it’s important to draw the line between having a laugh and seeking pleasure in other people’s pain. The difference between Joan Rivers and Katie Hopkins.

It also kind of gives new meaning to the old nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty: “All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again”. Of course they couldn’t! Humpty Dumpty needed to do a Madonna: pull himself together, get up and carry on. You didn’t see none of the Queen’s men rushing to help her up, did you? The only Help she needs is a maid. It’s basically a lessen in begin stronger when all you really wanna do is breakdown.

Finally, Madonna is Queen. It don’t matter WHO your fave is right now, Madonna has been around for centuries for a reason. There’s divas I’d put over her for my personal taste, but they don’t even deserve credit in this article. I challenge your fave to be going for as long as she has, still releasing relevant music, without choking on their own husky throat, AND to drop like that.