Foul-mouthed goat rapper Azealia Banks has said “so wat” to claims of her being homophobic. Before hitting out at the “gay white media” HEY, GIRL! The comments came in a Twitter rant to Mitch Sunderland, columnist for Vice Magazine.

“even if i am a homophobe… so wat? [sic] i still make more $ than you.. still have an extra hole.. and still own everything

the harsh truth. you gay bloggers try waving the homophobia flag at me like women are not the original source of all things fabulous, feminine and clever. Like I said… I own AWWWWWLLLL of this. It’s mine.

do you know that I am a woman and I invented everything feminine? Including giving birth to gay men?

do you know that your mother pushed you out of her pussy? your father did not push you out of his dick.”×

Some immaculate spelling there from the well-educated rapper. It was not OK when white people were prejudiced to black people, and claimed to own them because they had more money. And it’s not OK when straight people do it to gays. But this comments have just exposed Azealia Banks for exactly what she is: an ignorant, bitter hyena. I actually pity her.

Quick question. Do you earn more money though? We heard you got dropped like a sack of shit by your label. Surprising. She goes on…

“Gay media has to stop using homophobia as a means to try and victimize itself and scar the names of its opponents.

“Phobia would imply that I am scared of gay men or dislike them because of what they choose to do sexually. I promise, no one gives a fuck what u decide to do in your private lives.

“But I also promise, that no matter how bitchy and clever you think you are.. That I will out-bitch you.

“But I’m just going to ignore yall from here on out cause YALL are really just reaching and looking for any reason to insert ur selves in the Azealia Banks story”×

Of course we are. Lord knows there’s hella lot space for us in your big old gap tooth.

[H/T: Pink News]