BY Anthony Gilét


Oh, sweetie, dahhhling!

Jennifer Saunders – the show’s original creator – along with Joanna Lumley, will star in a movie adaptation of the popular hedonistic 90s comedy, 20-years after Saunders starting writing it. And while it might seems like lightyears since the duo were pounding bottles of bubbly for breakfast and shagging every Tom, Dick & Harry because they were friends with whatever Z-lister, but we can’t help but feel that watching Edie and Pats clinging on to this lifestyle so far down the line will only be funnier!

Saunders told the Daily Mirror, “I’ve finished the first draft. I’m feeling euphoric. My proper New Year’s Resolution is to do the film, otherwise it will be a pointless year of procrastination”.

Welcome back ladies!


*Pours Champagne*