BY Anthony Gilét


In this month’s Attitude Magazine, former rugby player Thom Evans has revealed that he auditioned for the role of Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey before Jamie Dornan snagged the part. There was a lot of criticism about baby-faced Dornan playing the kinky lead role, but seen as the film doesn’t drop until Valentines Day this year, I guess we won’t know how credible he is until then!

Evans also says “the audition was pretty tame to be honest”, something else the film’s trailer has been criticised for. Damn, these producers must be popping stupid pills. You don’t think if we had Thom Evans auditioning for the role of a BDSM-enthusiast, we wouldn’t have made the Adonis strip? OF COURSE WE WOULD HAVE! But then again, we wouldn’t have created an erotic film adaptation without all the goods.

Thom then admits, “I’d be lying to say I wouldn’t have loved to have got the role”. Obvs. Pretty sure most sportsmen would love the lead role in one of the most anticipated Hollywood blockbuster in recent memory, but how pissed would the fanatics have been watching a rugby player stumble around a dungeon with his perviest move being a huddle?

*Cut to millions of middle-aged women screaming ’cause they’ve just wasted £10 at the cinema, with nothing to flick their bean to*. Actually that’d be kinda LOL. Menopausal cougars go on rampage after disappointing ‘porn’ flick.