Anthony Gilét


Poppers are a popular aroma drug on the gay scene, due to their bum-loosening euphoric properties. Back in the day the only thing you had to worry about was scabs under your nose and getting caught sniffing them in Science class. Nowadays, it seems poppers are the latest ‘drug’ to fall victim to false advertising. So not only is that gram of coke half table salt, but now that bottle in your bedside drawer is potentially filled with glues, aerosols and other chemicals.

And sniffing glue ain’t the same as sniffing amyl nitrate. There’s a reason the only place it’s socially acceptable is on the streets of Russia. As very few gay men have experience with solvent abuse, they are often unaware of the dangers of “huffing”. Sure, it looked fun in Thirteen, but you are not thirteen. Not only are doctors taught almost nothing about alkyl nitrate (amyl’s more common sister), but they struggle to treat the effects of huffing too.

So yeah, you could basically be sniffing something that isn’t what you thought. No biggie though, right? That happens with most drugs. If these chemicals are used in place for poppers, there’s the possibility of “sudden sniffing death”, which is a form of deadly heart rhythm disorder. Something you wouldn’t know if you’re prone to until you keel over in the cruising maze of The Hoist.

It’s really not about croaking while try to fit an aubergine cock up your arse. It’s also inconsiderate, think about the guy who then has to sneak out your house, and pretend he wasn’t the one that gave you them. And imagine your death certificate; huffing overdose during intercourse.


Oh, and fun fact: Poppers make the capillaries in your bum hole pop and bleed. Horny.