BY Anthony Gilét


“You can never please all the people in the world at once”. 

Never a truer statement. People-pleasers maybe stop reading now. For every person you make happy, you’re gonna piss off another three – especially as a writer. And the bottom line is, the haters give you just as much – if not more – publicity than the people that love you.

Listen, basic bitches love to hate. LOVE to hate. They need venom like regular people need oxygen. They need hate more than Azaelia Banks needs purpose. They love to voice an irrelevant opinion from an irrelevant mouth. You know why? Because they’ve got nothing better to do than comment on a post and make their meek little voice feel heard.

When this blog first started generating interaction from readers, I obviously adored all the positive comments. (Validation, anybody?) But as soon as I’d get slated by someone or disagreed with, I’d actually second-guess my own opinion. Did I really think that? Should I take that down? For real. That’s how strongly I didn’t want to offend people. At first. But you simply have to realise that it’s absolutely impossible to please everybody.

Even if you went to that cunt’s house and cooked them a Michelin starred three course meal and rubbed the bunions out their feet, they’d still bitch that you didn’t wash up after. But, as always, there’s a silver lining. Well, on the writing/blogging side of things anyway. Every time one exerts an invalid opinion, disagreement, criticism or spelling correction on a post of yours – it appears on their friends NewsFeeds and generates more views/activity. And you know what they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.


This blog is a bit like Taylor Swift, people either love it, or hate it. Thankfully most of the people I meet give me positive feedback. But there’s been a number of posts that have divided people. Those that adore the satirical and brazen sense of humour, and those that believe it’s been written by a vile, bitter queen. And when I’m on a comedown, they’re both right. People frequently comment about the tone, and how the articles set back gay society. Babe, have a shot and chill out. It’s not supposed to be a politically correct, gay activist blog – it’s supposed to be light-hearted relief amongst the shit people have to put up with in every day life.

Don’t get me wrong, I often think about replying to the pedestrians. Something eloquent and sassy that shuts them down before they can even understand that they’ve been schooled. But why feed the pigeons? When would you ever turn on to Animal Planet and see a gazelle debating with a goat? You just wouldn’t. Because a gazelle wouldn’t even entertain that shit.

So you know what, if people wanna hate on you – let them. Every time they breathe your name, every time they leave a comment, every time they look in your direction – it’s a compliment. Because you’re a factor in their life, whereas they’re not even a freckle on your beautiful body. Half of the people that know you probably dislike you, but without them you’d only be half as popular.