BY Anthony Gilét

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It’s late at night at your phone starts buzzing. It’s that man attached to the penis you’ve been seeing. Tryna get all horny up in your Whatsapp. Girl, you got a couple options. Invert your camera and send that mother fucka some real dirty shit, know he’ll be showing it to every one of his bros. And almost definitely sell those snaps of you in a ‘compromising’ position to a blog/sex site when yo’ ass famous. OR you could opt for these much tamer (although much naughtier than real Emoji) alternatives…

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Flirtmoji is the new app that allows you to spice up your Emoji game. Allow using bananas and donuts to represent sex, you’ve got the real organs right here. BUT seen as Apple continues to have a stick firmly up its ass, you can only download them from

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The designers add: “Humans have always been sexual creatures, and now we’re sexual creatures with cell phones and wi-fi connections and we’re taking advantage of it. We are sexting. We are sending pictures of our cocks and pussies and naked bodies to each other. We’re watching, and talking about, porn. Despite all this sexual activity oozing out of our lightning ports and headphone jacks, the app stores for Android and iOS do not permit sexual content.”

[H/T: Dazed and Confused]