BY Anthony Gilét

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Strolling down the beach, buff body on display and an entire camera crew – just another day in the life of Zac Efron’s Instagram. We’re loving the marijuana print boxers; men than can skin up are totally sexy. Much sexier than that corpse you’re clinging to babes, ditch her. Joking, Zac is on the set of We Are Your Friends where he plays a DJ; can’t be too much of a testing role I know bare people on the scene that do that. Could you imagine that was his boyfriend though – the gays would be up in arms more than the Tom Daley/Dustin Lance Black miss match.





Yes, more pics of Dan Osborne without his clothes – sorry! We know it’s not a pretty site first thing in the morning – pah, please. We’d have that for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Jacqueline Jossa is a lucky lady; even if she has now gotta push a child out of her vagina. Good luck with that! Anyway, this week Dan went all ‘Officer And A Gentleman’ on us with his first photographed Dreamboys performance. It did not disappoint, but let’s cut to facts – do they go full monty? And if so, where can we buy tickets?


OH hey Usher! We thought you’d disappeared with your career. Thankfully he’s back in this lustful shoot with Vault and he’s looking as good as ever – if not better! Now try laying some of that swag on your next single.

ALSO this week… Justin Beiber got booed at the Fashion Rocks show in New York. He obviously thought the audience didn’t like his outfit, because he then went on to strip to his Calvins…


Well to be fair, that blue waistcoat did make him look like a lesbian talk show host (hi Ellen!), but that’s not why they were booing, honey. Great little body, shame he’s got the attitude of soiled underwear – clearly he’s aspiring to be a muscle Mary.

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