How many times have you gone to hook-up with a guy from Grindr and he’s five years older, five kg heavier and five inches shorter than his pic? Or the self-proclaimed ‘masc’ that spoke in a high falsetto and loves Gaga? Or the hot guy that was so high he couldn’t even get hard? Yeah, Grindr goes wrong all the time, but this…

You thought Cameron Diaz was a Bad Teacher, wait ’til you hear bout this one. A story broke out recently about teacher Gary Pearce who allegedy had sex with an under age boy, well now she’s behind bars. He wanted a bang, and instead got banged up. So let’s recap the story… The boy downloads the most promiscuous invention since the fucking machine because he was “curious”. Yeah she curious alright, she wanted to know how long it be before she got a cock in her mouth.

They then exchanged nudes. Strangely enough when the boy didn’t have any pubes, we’re gonna assume the teacher just thought he was overly groomed. And when he sent pics in his uniform, erm, maybe Pearce just thought he was into that. I used to shag guys in mine until I was 22. Jokes.


Gary Pearce, nonse.

They then met in the car park of a grocery store – yeah because that doesn’t sound rapey at all. After driving back to Pearce’s home, probably in some naff Micra, he showed the boy around… Yeah because that’s what gets all 14-year old boys in the mood, interior design. What made him think he’d be interested in, what I presume was crappy 70s decor? At least give the poor boy a JD before you molest him.

The boy claims he told Pearce that he was “14 or 15”. So, like I don’t really get the boy’s problem? Was the sex not good then? And if you’re gonna bone a teacher at least bone one that can change your grade.
Anyway, when they search the perv’s house they find all this kid porn in his PC’s trash folder. Listen, how can you be so messed up but not know how to empty your trash can?
So yeah the guy is totally a pedo and should have got longer than five years. Sure the boy was probably gagging for it, but if that an evident pedo should not get off lightly.

AND SO… They ask the boy how he felt about the encounter, and he goes, “Well, I now have sort of a girlfriend.” Oh OK then. It’s cool that you just gave it up to some old man like it was a Wriggly’s Extra because you ain’t gay now? Not surprised, he’d have put me off men too. I’m interested in the “sort of” part of his statement. “Sort of” a girlfriend, but she has a penis? Or “sort of” a girlfriend, but more like a hag I take shopping?

AH Grindr, the unusual outcomes when it brings together a dirty old man and a young not-gay gay boy curious about cock. Still giving us entertainment, I see.

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