10 minutes and then you’re done boys!

Well, I hate to say ‘I told you so’ as much as Kanye West hates comparing himself to God. But, friends with benefits is simply just where it’s at right now. Enter, Twoo. The new social network that not only connects two individuals looking for sex without the commitments and complications – but it also allows you to formalise the ‘friendship’ by signing a contract.

So, wanna know what you’d be signing up for?

> Benefits: May vary from light petting to full sexual intercourse
> Meeting between 10pm and 9am may/may not follow alcohol consumption
> Never kiss, hold hands or show affection in public
> Spooning should not exceed 10 minutes post-sex
> No contacting for sex between 10pm and 4am (unless arranged)
> Contracts terminate after three months, but can be extended if both agree
> Agreements can be terminated early with one week’s notice – and the person ending the ‘friendship’ must by the other a drink (to say ‘no hard feelings, eh? I just don’t want your dick in me’)
> Remain friends at the end of the contract
> Under no circumstances, fall in love

The website allows you to fill in an extensive profile application, with detailed sections on Personality, Looks, Lifestyle, Compatibility and your Favourite Things. You can then discover people on the site by clicking the green tick, or the red cross (the same principle as Tinder). You then get notified when people have clicked ‘Like’ on you. And then perhaps propose signing a contract to make the arrangement official.

We love the idea in theory, but can signing a contract really prevent your feelings developing? Or is this just recipe for a crazy queen hovering your puppy over a pot of boiling water? Or will you be the one calling him during his work meeting singing Natasha Bedingfield’s ‘I Wanna Have Your Babies’? Well, there’s only one way to find out.

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