Well, according to PornHub, yes, they are. Everybody loves a good bubble butt but with the statistics released from the major porn network, it seems the straight like it more than us! I guess that does correlate with the couple straight virgins I’ve had that just “wanna be fucked”.

Perhaps it’s not huge news, but the results are quite interesting and can be found more detailed in the graphs shown below.

This isn’t to suggest every curious bloke you pull you should shove a digit straight up his G spot, but perhaps that’s why they’re ‘curious’ to begin with – they can drive the dirt path with any bird from Tiger Tiger.


And coincidentally it’s homophobic Russia that have the most butt-related searches of them all. Projection much?


They also revealed what was the most popular searched terms in way of the derriere…


What the fuck even is Onion Booty?! Seriously, we’re intrigued.

So the world love asses? That explains why Justin Beiber has 53m followers on Twitter.

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