Most people will agree that sex isn’t up to much without foreplay. So what’s the ultimate form of foreplay? Blowjobs? Handjobs? Rimjobs? Well obviously everyone’s is different, but it makes sense that all of these acts have ‘job’ as a suffix, because good foreplay requires a bit of work. It’s kind of like that final gram at a party… it takes a little extra effort, but you’re loving it at the same time.



Those people with a little more depth to them already know that foreplay doesn’t just mean everything before you slip it in. It doesn’t even mean touching in some cases. Building up sexual tension with another person can give you an adrenaline rush like heroin. Well, not really like heroin. Actually it’s nothing like heroin, scrap that metaphor.

We live in a world where moments go by too quickly. We never want the parties, baggies, holidays, good weather, orgasms or money to end. We’re constantly looking for ways to extend our pleasures, so before you rip his belt off so quickly you give his pelvis friction burn, think about how much better the ploughing will be if you extend the time before it. By extending your foreplay (or should that be pre-foreplay?), you can’t extend your actual moment of bliss, but you can heighten it.

Seduction and foreplay can be very much one in the same in this sense. And there’s a reason it’s referred to as an “art”, because the more you practise the better you get. Think of the sexual tension as a Jenga tower… The only difference is the winner isn’t who can get the most bricks out, it’s who can keep the most clothes on. Knocking the tower over is the explosion that happens when you have sex. Sure you can fuck straight away, but where’s the fun building a Jenga tower to push it over without playing the game? jenga

Thought of the Day: Don’t throw the game before you’ve started. 

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