Neon Jungle

WORDS BY: Anthony Gilét

This interview originally appeared in QX Magazine.

The group’s called Neon Jungle, that comes from the upcoming single ‘Welcome To The Jungle’, is that right?
Yeah, that’s right. We were given that song so long ago when we didn’t even have a name, and we sort of liked the way jungle sounded but thought that we needed something before it because jungle wasn’t strong enough on its own.

Yeah, it sounds like a euphemism for your lady bits.
Oooh! Yeah it does, doesn’t it? I can’t even lie, I always joke around with ‘Welcome To The Jungle’, like ‘Welcome To My Jungle’.

[laughs] That’s sick. A lot of girls when their younger dream of being in a pop group, whose posters did you have on your wall, as a kid?
Oh my gosh. Every single boy band that has ever been on this earth, because I’m a boyband fanatic. I can’t lie, I did have the Spice Girls, I did love them –

Yeah I think errbody had Spice Girls!
Yeah! Fall Out Boy, Jonas Brothers.

Oh so quite American taste! And is it everything you expected and hoped it would be to be in a girl group?
You know what… it’s a lot more work! You know when you think of your dream job, you think it’s gonna be like so simple, and it’s not. But it makes me feel better that it’s not because I’m working to get where we are.
Yeah, so what’s the hardest bit then?
Waking up in the morning…

…Do you all live together?
We do all live together.

So, while I’ve got you on your own who’s the worst person to live with?
Erm, I wouldn’t say that anybody’s horrible to live with…

…Well who’s the messiest?
Shareens the messiest!

Are you all really close then? Do you get on kind of like sisters?
Yeah, weirdly enough we are… I think we all just had an open mind, we just went into it like, look we’re gonna like each other, or we’re not – and luckily we all really like each other. 

That’s good! So you don’t have any unnecessary Sugababe-style beef?
[laughs] No, no… 

You done the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, that’s huge. Any backstage gossip?

I met Fall Out Boy…

…So you met one of the posters that was on your wall?!

I know! I used to sing to this poster. You know what, I’ve had fans tweet me and say that I’m a ‘fan girl success story’ because I used to wait outside places for One Direction, and now I’m meeting them, so I’m a ‘fan girl success story’.

Oh my God, I love that! And is it all as glamorous as it looks?
Do you know what? That’s probably the show that I’ve gone to, that we’ve done, that I can say is a glamorous as it looks backstage.

I’ve heard they’ve got sunbeds backstage, is that true?
[laughs] No! Well, I didn’t see any! If I did I would have been on one. Like I’m not gonna big up the sunbeds but sometimes…

…You just need a cheeky top up!
Yeah! But no, I dunno it was just so glamorous backstage.

Did you wanna steal a pair of wings?
Oh my God, yeah, because they have them all on display backstage. I wanna be a Victoria Secret’s model now, fudge being in a girl group.

[laughs] I’d of had to slip them on and done a quick selfie.
Yeah I know, I really wanted to, but there’s like people guarding them!


Security you know! So, you’ve been nominated for a Glamour Award too, it must be really nice to have that kind of recognition this early on in the group’s career?

Yeah, it’s so strange! Because it’s happening so quick. All these opportunities that we’re getting, and being nominated for awards – even if we don’t win any of them – just to be up for them is crazy.

And it’s for ‘Band of the Year’ too! Obviously people knew you from your first single ‘Trouble’, but when you brought out ‘Braveheart’, that was like a really big hit. It’s on my iPod…
Aww! Yes, Anthony! You are the best! Nah but that’s what I think made people think, ‘ah they’re here to stay’.

Yeah, not like some next one hit wonder group.
No, no, and we’re not just the trouble girls. 

So, you must be excited for the awards? What celebrity are you hoping will be there to chat you up? I want the juice!
Erm… Oh Lord. Harry Styles, because everytime I meet him he’s always a little bit of a flirt, so I want him to flirt with me again.

Mhmm, womaniser…
He’s just so charming, he’s a flirt but I don’t think he means to. Like he’s not actually flirting, if that makes sense?

Sure, it’s just like his natural charisma?
I know, that’s when I’m like shame. Teach me your ways! I am literally the worst flirt you will ever meet. I’m worst dancer, I’m the worst flirt…

[laughs] Why are you so bad? What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?
Ah, I haven’t even been on a date that’s the worst of it!

Ok yeah, we need to help you scrub up those flirting skills.
Yeah! Because I’m an awkward person, so my flirtings so awkward. So I’ll always just say it, like ‘I’m awkward’ and then it sort of breaks the ice.

But are you only awkward when you like someone though?
Yeah, no actually, I’m just awkward all the time [laughs].

You’re not awkward right now!
[laughs] It’s because I like you! You know when you just feel comfortable talking to someone! But in these showbiz situations, even now I’m surprised I’m actually like this because doing interviews is showbiz. But yeah, I’m just awkward. 

Aw I like you too! I’m coming to see you perform at G-A-Y.
Yes! I cannot wait to do G-A-Y again.

Are you gonna hang around for a little drink afterwards?
I hope so! Because last time I wasn’t eighteen so I was a bit gutted. So this time I’m eighteen and Lord knows I’m gonna stay! I don’t live far now I live in London so I haven’t gotta travel! I can just call Aruba! [taxi service].

[laughs] Just a short drunken stumble from home!
Let’s do it, you and I.

I’m ready… And finally, what’s been the highlight of it all so far? Meeting Beyoncé must have been one of them? Or was she a stooshe bitch? Come on, you can tell me…
No, she was alright to be honest. I think people think she’s a diva, but… We didn’t get to meet her per se, but we saw her and I think we met her properly Amira wouldn’t stop talking about it. I just think meeting all these people; famous, not famous. I dunno, I just like meeting new people. And seeing ourselves grow, not just as a group, but also as individuals. It sounds so cheesy, but it’s so true! And meeting Harry Styles!

Oh, I see… She got a thing for Harry Styles! Maybe he’ll turn up! Thanks Asami – you’ve been lovely!