Easter Bank Holiday, along with Pride and Halloween, is one of the best religious holidays of the year. Two four-day weeks, and one fat fucking four day weekend. I hit the gym hard, and even I didn’t have the stamina to go out more than twice. It’s hardcore. It’s like Tough Mudder, but with nightclubs instead of gruelling obstacles, and drugs instead of protein shakes. So it’s no surprise that you encounter a state or two, but out of all the ratchet queens, these fierce ones are our fave, because they #WokeUpLikeThis:

1. You know when you remember to put on all your accessories, but forget to cover your giant fake titties.


2. We love that Sharon Osbourne gets proper stuck in. 



3. We almost wore out our fairy lights, rabbit teeth and ice cream head-piece that night too… Close call. 


4. Spending so much time on an immaculate visage and making your skirt out of carrier bags, you don’t have time to finish the corset.


5. Lauren Goodger girl, that you?


6. Bikini’s were huge this Good Friday, just like in the Bible.


7. This head piece is giving Gaga (and Chrissy Darling) a major run for her money


8. Sesame Street Chic


9. Even Nicki couldn’t work this shade of neon


10. Scottee: Chanelling the Lovechild of Liza Minelli and a disco ball


11. Cher Lloyd showed some impressive abs


12. If Tina Turner had a blue rinse


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