There comes a moment in every ‘relationship’ that is more beautiful than any other. It’s not the moment you realise you’re in love with someone, and it’s not the moment they say they love you back. No, there is one far more touching than that.

Scenario: You’ve pined over a guy for what feels like an eternity. He’s not the most gorgeous, the buffest or the funniest guy you’ve ever met but for some reason, let’s call it chemistry, there will always be a that spark between you both. There have been countless opportunities for you two to get it together, and maybe you’ve even had a couple drunken nights and wound up in bed, but for whatever reason, let’s call it the Universe, you’ve never actually got your shit together and become the couple you’ve always thought you should be.

Then comes that moment. And it may not happen as soon as you’d like, in fact, it may even take a significant amount of time to surface, for those less fortunate it might take years and when the guy is with his new (and gross) boyfriend. But when that moment finally arrives, it’s like a solar eclipse. It comes out of the blue, and you suddenly realise… I’m over you.

It might be something he said, it might be his odd choice of “fashion” or it might even just be a memory of that one time he had food stuck in his teeth. You suddenly see, I’m way too good for you – and I always have been. My friends weren’t jealous, they were just right. But you’re not down about the time you’ve wasted over him, you’re elated about the time the future without him. And it’s beautiful.


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