Are we missing spooning, or just the sex?

Are we missing spooning, or just the sex?

As sort of a continuation from Maximus’ post a few days ago (single and proud), I began thinking about the different types of single people. There seems to be a divide between those that are quite content being single and those that are hoping a relationship comes along tomorrow. The key to this divide, I believe – is sex.

If you’ve got a Samantha Jones-style sex life and more close friends than you have fingers on both hands, being single isn’t really an issue for many people. Of course it’s nice to have someone hold you making sure you’re brittle bones don’t break, while on a comedown – but when you spend most nights out clubbing or stoned in bed – do you notice it that much?

“I never realised how much I’d miss sex until I stopped having it.”

These are the words I uttered walking down Old Compton street just a few nights ago. The statement came shortly after waking up with morning wood every day for the past fortnight. Is this TMI? Probably. But if you were looking to read something coy, you’re totally on the wrong blog.

As far as I know, everybody goes through a phase in their life (some people’s last (much) longer than others; no names), where they have a fairly ‘promiscuous’ streak. Obviously, everybody’s ideas of what constitutes promiscuity are different, but the phase usually involves sleeping with a noticeably higher number of people than one does normally. And it usually goes hand-in-hand with ones new found confidence.

Last summer when I was in the middle of my phase, had someone asked me if I was bothered about being single, I would have choked on the olive in my Martini. Then spat it out, and laughed. Because when you’re enjoying yourself and hooking up with attractive guys, the last thing you want is a boyfriend getting in the way of the next hot lay.

Having now got that out of my system, I can see why the thought of a relationship is appealing, once again. They say that a man should think with his brain and not his penis, but that’s not always correct. As it shows, in some cases if you’re not listening to your cock you can barely string a normal thought together in that brain of yours (well, not one that doesn’t involve pulling the clothes off everybody you meet. With your teeth). So do those single people longing for a man, really just want the D? And would having a healthy number of sexual partners on the side – whether they be one night stands, a fuck buddy or friends with benefits – curb the supposed need for a boyfriend?

I dunno, but I’ll do some research and let you know.

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