Going Up: Sex on the DL


There are far too many over-shares going on right now. Obviously people are free to post whatever they want on Facebook, but do your relatives really need to know your sexual activity? It’s currently much more trendy to keep your escapades quiet, wait for the tension to snowball and then blurt it out at a really inappropriate time; like at the reading of a will or at the work christmas party. Why do you think there have been less ‘Dating Tales’ on this site recently? OK, I’m joking that’s because I currently have the sex life of an Amish monk. But seriously, cool it.

Going Down: Dance floor hand-jobs


…That’s my usual reaction to such activity on the dance floor of a club, no matter how crowded. However, after consuming your weekly units in the space of a couple of hours, your judgement tends to veer further from that of a respectable queer, and towards that of a horny straight teenager at Yates happy hour. I could tell you to stop drinking like Christina Aguilera after a tanked album, but that’s not gonna happen so instead just have your best friend act like a security guard for embarrassing yourself.

Going Up: Road Trips!

This year C&C will be teaming up with ManHunt (and their sexy promo boys) travelling to different cities around the UK in a bid to scout the sexiest guys for our Mr. Man Candy competition later in the year. We’ll also be giving away free ManHunt merchandise. So if you see us out and think you (or your fit mate) has a shot – have your pic taken and posted on the site before being taken to voting. This weekend we’ll be hitting all the bars in Birmingham so scrub up boys!
Other cities we’ll be visiting include; Dublin, Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester, Gran Canaria (OK, that’s not the UK but whatever).

Going Down: Second-hand men


Everybody from Carrie Bradshaw to Princess Diana knows that affairs are fun. Anything that’s forbidden usually is. Apart from messed up shit like beastiality. But there is no real worth in being someone’s bit on the side. You deserve to be someone’s prime steak, not just that little ratchet pot of olives that he picks at when the steak is away on a business trip or too dry in bed.

Going Up: Girls

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyCnvEYhkJI&w=560&h=315]

The popular US series was a little uneasy over most of Season 2, what with Hannah gettin ear-fucked by a cue tip, Jessa marrying a total stranger and a number of other weak story lines that lead to a few below-par episodes. But, thankfully Lena Dunham seems to have picked things up in Season 3. Despite Adam still being a totally unlikeable character, Jessa has come back with more wit than Joan Rivers on Adderall.

Going Down: January Gym-Starters


Urgh. Now my gym is busy even not at peak times. Now are there are too many fashion faux pas. Now, when I come out the shower there’s some podgy accountant getting changed right on top of me. Now there are too many gays; if I wanted to bump into a load of people I’d shagged I’d go to Room Service. What did they take out an advert on Grindr? And New Year’s Resolution-ers are the worst; using the machines wrong, checking in on Facebook and using hashtags like: #teamfitness – just go eat cake, ’cause you’re in my way and I look better when you’re fatter. 

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