Promo Can 6

Everybody tends to have a ‘hook-up’ or dating app that they prefer. My friends that can grow beards have their Scruff profiles, my friends that go to sex parties have Grindr and my friends that travel have their Hornet accounts. Well, now one that allows you to find the hottest escorts (or advertise yourself as one) hits the scene.

Don’t you hate it when you message a guy for a late-night booty call and he shows up wanting to cuddle? Honey no, I got a whole kitchen draw full of cutlery, I don’t need a spoon in the bedroom too. Or what about when you’re trying to relax in post-coital bliss and he starts asking what you’re up to that weekend. What I’m up to, is no concern of somebody that got lucky because I had the hangover horn. GPScort is about sex, hence how you can search for exactly what turns you on – not what type of music he likes. Browse guys via build, sexual role and cock size – and when you’ve found one you like you can call them direct from their profile. “Simples!”

Because Apple like to ruin our fun by putting censorship on profile pics, etc. the app isn’t downloadable from their store – but rather used as a web app on your browser at (Well you wouldn’t wanna book a visit from Tommy9″XL – without verifying it with a pic…). This means that unlike mobile apps, you can use this on your browser and not just your phone/iPad. Log in and browse escorts local to you (or a bit further if you don’t mind travelling).

The GPScort promo boys took to Room Service. We were there… Yes, it was amazing.


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