My friend Darren and I were recently discussing the art of seduction, and while some of us have subtlety down more than others, some people tend to forget that conversation itself is a form of foreplay – and one of the most powerful at that. If you can stimulate a guy’s mind as well as his body, then you’ll have better chemistry, which often leads to better sex.

Seduction should be done gracefully, like a ballerina from Swan Lake:


She carefully tip-toes across the dirty marsh (aka the slut swamp), and entices her man with a sophisticated spin or point of a toe – in the case of seduction, this is; eye contact, a half-smile, banter.

But you’ll soon notice that there are plenty of people around you, who behave a lot more like the hippos from Fantasia:


They squeeze themselves into a tutu, hoping to masquerade as a ballerina – but when it comes down to it, they’re heavy on their feet, sloppy and jump straight into the slut swamp; to you and I that’s using their body, genitalia and whatever else they can in an attempt to make up for the fact that they have no game. Weak.

Thought of the day: Be a ballerina, not a hippo.  

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