I bet when BuzzFeed posted an article about 36 images that everyone should see, they never expected such a wave of action to happen. It’s fair to say that the world was literally horrified by the pictures of the suffering gay people have to endure in Russia. Thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands) of people shared the link, blogged, commented and had an opinion about the disgusting behaviour of anti-gay campaigners. The worldwide response – which has seen bars and people across the globe (including alcoholics) boycott Russian vodka. 

This video shows the impact you’ve made on the Russian people. While things will not change overnight, our Russian brothers and sisters have responded by saying “thanks to you, we know we are not alone.” The love that the world has shown is actually quite overwhelming. It shows that six packs, bitchiness and high school feuds aside, we can see the bigger picture. By banding together, we can show that even over seas they have our support. We need to use social networking for something other than posting slutty photos of ourselves salontro’ing on foreign beaches and tweeting celebrities to try and get a follow back. Movements have been made in the past, and with advances in technology we are more powerful in making and change and standing up for what is right. Make a movement; change Russia. 

This is just the start…