Catch Beyoncé (and the other two) performing at 2013’s Superbowl if you haven’t seen it already. The performance was everything I expected and so much more! Beyoncé proved that she really does run the world – and the rest of Destiny’s Child. When her two sidekicks catapulted out the stage I nearly died. That’s a goddam entrance if ever I saw. Imagine just popping out the floor at the club on a Saturday night. Everyone be like ‘Say whaaat?’

I’m a big Destiny’s Child fan so this was exciting for me, and totally comical obviously. Firstly, did anyone else notice that Michelle’s microphone was barely on? Ouch, that must’ve hurt in the re-watch! Secondly, as if she bust on stage in a one shoulder get up “Get your shit together Michelle!”
Not that it was her fault. Actually, it was probably Tina Knowles that insisted on it. But then when Beyoncé states, “I want y’all to thank Kelly and Michelle” I actually spat Cheerios all over my dining table. This is Queen B’s way of saying, ‘OK bitches, I let you perform at the Superbowl for a minute and a half, but let’s not forget this is the Beyoncé show…” *waves them goodbye*

Her dancing was absolutely on point, as always! And her vocals (for the most part) were also darn good. I still haven’t made my mind up about her outfit, those over-exaggerated shoulders never really grab me, and as for leather as performing attire? Where does she think she is, The Hoist? Bitch please, you may run the world, but you need a new stylist. I loved the black heels and knee high socks – but leather is just a bit too unforgiving for even the the most toned women. And I should state, she does look amazing for someone that just faked a pregnancy.