Bottoms Up: Image courtesy of

Bottoms Up: Image courtesy of

Johnny Hazzard is an America’s highest-grossing gay porn star, and after starring in countless adult movies, he’s moving to the West End to star with cabaret trio The Supreme Fabulettes and starting up his own fashion range. I caught up with him while driving around Los Angelis for an exclusive chat…

How did starring in a music video for The Supreme Fabulettes come about?

I was in London in October filming for ChiChi LaRue. We have both been friends with Boy George for a long time. We met up for tea and it came out that George was directing the girls’ first music video, ‘You Ruined My Christmas’, and he needed a male actor and asked if I would do it. We shot it at Home House private members club. And I must say that room was probably one of the nicest, coolest rooms I’ve had in a long time. Period!

You play a rather sexy cowboy in their latest video, ‘A Drag Queen Is a Cowboy’s Best Friend’, also directed by Boy George. How did shooting a pistol on camera compare with shooting your load?

Well, I didn’t actually get to shoot a pistol on the shoot, but I guess the result of both would be the same – a really messy clean-up for whoever was on the receiving end!

Moving from screen to acting on stage can be daunting – does it scare you?

Yes. I have had some experience with mainstream acting with a TV series called The Lair on Here TV, an on-demand gay cable channel in the States [the series is released on DVD in the UK]. But these live shows at Leicester Square Theatre on Saturday with The Supreme Fabulettes will be my first time doing anything live on stage and yes, I am quite nervous. There are no chances to retake, so it has to be delivered right first time or I’m going to look very bad. And that scares me. But I’m excited nonetheless.

You’re launching a new fashion label, why the move from fucking to fashion?

I’ve always had a thing for making clothes ever since I was a little boy. And I think it’s a goal of anybody who is any kind of celebrity and has a creative side or fashion sense to do something like that. I have had the privilege of being very successful in the adult movie industry, making quite a name for myself. If I didn’t seize this chance it would be criminal. So, I’m creative, I like to make things, I want to do something else and the fashion line just seems to be the next logical move.

Tell us a bit about your new range… 

The current line I’m doing is a range of organic T-shirts with environmentally inspired designs. I don’t know about you guys over there in the UK, but here we’re trying to be green and environmentally conscious. It has become quite the trend. Myself, I’m a bit of a Nazi when it comes to water conservation and recycling, so I wanted to create a line that not only had things that I enjoy but it’s also the trendy thing to do. It has started with T-shirts but I would love to do bags and hats and hoodies. Jeans are also a dream, but they are really hard to get right. Who would buy them? I’m hoping that my gay brothers out there and my gay sisters will patronize my line and be good supporters, but, of course, I see myself moving into Macy’s and Bloomingdales to reach the masses!

You’ve gone from porn, to the West End, to a clothing line… What’s next for Johnny Hazzard?

I see myself in the next couple of years doing much more acting – and I see it oddly happening in London before it happens here in the States. I really like it over there and I’m really finding a niche and being received well and I’ve hooked up with the right people, and that’s essentially what the entertainment world is all about. Meeting the right people at the right time. I also see my organic T-shirt line continuing to grow. It’s been much more of a challenge than I originally thought, but I also see myself doing a jewelry line. I’ve been taking classes and dabbling in making rings and other small items. I think I could do really well at that. And who knows – maybe even a TV cookery show. I’m kinda talking to this guy here in LA about doing some sort of kitchen show, but living out here you get to learn that people love to talk and things get so stretched out, there is more talk than action! But you know what, you never know!