Yeah sure watching people fall in love on the silver screen warms our hearts, but nothing grips us more than a good heart-wrenching break up! What a way to say Happy Anti-Valentines. Here’s my ten favourite…

10. Rachel & Jesse – GLEE

We know that Rachel was pining for Finn from the start, and we all screamed “douche bag!” when she got with cocky Jesse. So let this be a lesson to you bitches on the rebound, it will end badly! It’s bad enough when a boy pies you, but getting egged is plain embarrassing. Jesse expressed pure malice in this scene, and it was painful to watch! But to be fair, the little Jewish virgin needed a wake up call!


9. Samantha & Richard – Sex and the City

On some level we all knew that Richard and Samantha wouldn’t work, but as it was the first time we’d seen Samantha fall for a guy, we still hoped it would. They broke up twice, and both times Sam reeled out some amazing one liners; “I saw you getting into a cab with a woman wearing come-fuck-me heels” while wearing a Raquel Welsh wig, and the other after ditching her pearl thong, below…


8. Emily and Daniel – Revenge

Although the series is only relatively new, the excellent construction makes us care for characters at a very early stage. And though Jack is Emily’s real true love, it pulled on our heart-strings to see things take a wrong turn for Emily, when Ashley catches her kissing Jack.


7. Cristina & Burke – Grey’s Anatomy

After a couple of series we wondered if there’d ever be a man that would break Cristina’s cold exterior, then along came Burke. Her mentor and in many ways, idol. We saw how deep feeling ran when she covered up his injured hand. They would’ve never lasted forever, but thanks to Isaiah Washington homophobic jibe, they didn’t even make the wedding. Fucking dick.


6. Kevin & Scotty – Brothers & Sisters

Kevin and Scotty were one of TVs most popular lovable gay couples. Both relatable, neither cringe-worthy (much) and so when the issues of money and career began bubbling between them, it was always questionable if two people with different values could ever make it work. And when Scotty cheated on Kevin, we saw some RAW emotion. Damn.