Beyonce gon’ to have a baby, and now errbody be talking bout Solange Knowles! Although firstly, before I get to the song, as if she’s tryna pull off a ‘One Name’ title. Thought she wanted to get out of her sisters bottom-heavy shadow. Can totally see why she done it though, Solange Knowles is a complete mouthful. For the song… AMAZING.

Thought Solange was actually alright before, but this shows just how much star potential she’s got. First listening, forty-seconds in – you’re LYING if you say you’re not clicking your fingers with her. You know that move is gonna spread quicker than herpes in The Hoist. The backing sounds like old school Madonna, but with urban vocals – it’s definitely something fresh. Liking the video too – it’s very “who says Third World Countries can’t be fun?”. I didn’t see no poverty, no mosquitos, no Angelina shopping for her newest family addition; just bare fashion and jamming. And while the fashion is cool, for fuck sake Solange show some flesh girl! We know you want a VOGUE cover, and even YOU know you ain’t gonna get one based on your record sales – but girl, it’s like you’re afraid of your body! I’ve seen burkahs with more sex appeal. But, regardless – kinda love her anyway. And when she’s shacking out at 1:17 I love her even more.

Just one final thought ditch the ‘fro – you look like Wynter Gordon. And while that’s not a bad thing, you don’t wanna look like someone that already OWNS a look.