Featured in last weeks QX Magazine, here’s the quick fire round I conducted with X-Factor’s Amelia Lily…

1. Your new single is called ‘You Bring Me Joy’. What three things most bring you joy?
My dog Elphie, my mum and singing.

2. What three words best describe you?
Fun, silly and energetic.

3. Your house is on fire, what’s the first thing you save?
Elphie, my dog.

4. What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
I was on stage singing a duet with my hamster. It was insane.

5. Do you have/want any pets?
I have two; my dog at home in Middlesborough, Ruby, and my new puppy, Elphie, who lives with me in London – she’s a lil’ Chihuahua.

6. Are you more ‘handbag hoarder’ or ‘shoe collector’?
Shoe collector.

7. What’s your fashion staple?
My leather jacket and Vans sneakers.

8. What’s your favourite cocktail?
I’m only 17!

9. What’s the best cure for a hangover?
See above!

10. ‘TOWIE’ or ‘Made In Chelsea’?
Geordie Shore.

11. When was your first kiss?
It’s a secret.

12. Who’s your dream celebrity date?
Robert Pattinson.

13. Would you rather be taken out for dinner and a movie, or a home-cooked meal with a DVD?
Home cooked meal and DVD.

14. Who would you most like to duet with?
Katy Perry.

15. What’s your favourite and least favourite part of your body?
Favourite is my booty. Least favourite would be my eyes.

16. Would you ever have plastic surgery?
I don’t think so, no.

17. You’re on death row. What’s the last meal you ask for?
Nandos or Chicken Parma.

18. It was reported you turned down One Direction’s Niall Horan, because he “wasn’t your type”. What is your type?
I never said I’d turned him down; we were only ever buddies. I don’t really have a type, but I like boys who are a little rock and roll.

19. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Miley Cyrus.

20. Do you have a life motto you live by?
Follow no one.