River Island / TOPMAN

And when I say thigh-highs, I don’t mean boots. Thigh-skimming shorts are back for our non-summer, all colours, all materials, most styles. We’re especially loving tribal/patterned prints, like these (above).

FIERCE‘: Styles that we’re loving are high-waisted  sports shorts (ADIDAS, American Apparel) with over-sized vests tucked in and pulled up socks. Worn here with an AQUA scarf print jacket, for a sports-sket-slut-chic-summer look. Totes feroshe.

GROOMED‘: (Shown at top) At the other end of the fashion spectrum, we’re WERQING extra tight denim and ultra slick shiny shorts, with tucked in shirts/t’s for a smarter quaffed feel.

Teaming the different styled shorts with different tops can give you two completely different looks depending on your event. We recommend ‘FIERCE’ for prides/birthdays/Chill-outs/Room Service and other alike clubs. While ‘GROOMED’ for BBQs, mid-week drinking, eating al fresco and impressing boys.