It was the films cute promo photo that sold me on it.

Not quite what you’re thinking. It’s not a review of my drug-fuelled Easter bank holiday bonaza (that’ll be up tomorrow), but a review of the film: Weekend. While searching “best films of 2011” to illegally stream online, I came across the title Weekend about a pair of gays that spend the weekend together. Obviously, like all British films, the first couple minutes of english accents is totes cringe, but once you get this out the way, it’s really intriguing. Apart from being a little slow moving, there are parts of this film that are actually beautiful, while others are realistically deep. Like all gay dramas or dramas written by gay men, there’s unnecessary frontal nudity – just so as the gays that actually watched the film for a little bit of cock (sad) don’t leave disappointed. But much more interestingly; take note of the cocaine trick!! (Has to be tried!).

While parts of the this “love story” drag, reflection pon di film is interesting, the ending especially.