Can I just start by saying I thought this was twenty fucking twelve?! I thought we were over this shit. Or have I stepped into a time warp to when Jerusalem was happening?!

So Whoop! Whoop! For gays as the latest Stonewall posters are released onto buses. And then, BAM, like being hit by a fat red heterosexual bus – those goddamn Christians had to poke their big Jewish nose where it doesn’t belong!

So apparently it’s “misleading and deanergous” to support people who think they’re gay – I’m literally taking deep breaths to stop myself ranting. And that supporting them prevents “Their heterosexual potential” – are you fucking serious?! So just cos he settles down with Bree Van De camp, procreates and rides his rent boy in private, that’s OK?

As long as the cheating on the wife with a much hotter, fiercer and camper babysitter is done behind the white picket fence and who that person really is, is as well and truly repressed as the Armish fashion sense, it’s OK?

Actually yeah, that’s such a good point, let’s all “reform” ourselves, be accepted by the virgins that run this campaign, marry women that look like men and only do anal with them for the rest of our lives. This is ABSOLUTELY pathetic. Campaign for what you want, but how dare you campaign to reform someone’s sexuality?!

Do you see me marching around Big Ben with a placard saying: You’re a Muslim, but it’s ok because if you come to enough of our meetings, God will forgive you.

Whatever!! I’m not wasting my breath or typing time on irrelevant twats. I leave you with six simple words.