After the much talked about Playing it Straight that had opinionated gays rattling on their sofas, we talk to the shows runner-up Sven Hudec:

C&C: How do you feel about the criticism you’ve had during the show?
S: This was easy when Andrei was around, but once he was booted off I took just about all of the criticism. If somebody insults me on twitter I just retweet it, it’s like throwing bread to pigeons. (laughs) I really appreciated people sticking up for me.

C&C: Whats the worst thing someone has said bout you on Twitter?
S: I’ve had “Sven is such a snake, he doesn’t even love her, he’s just there for the money”. No shit – it’s a game – why else is there prize money? But then you get some awesome funny comments like “I would let Sven punch me in the stomach any day” (laughs) What a weirdo!
C&C: Oh LATER!! There’s saddist and then there’s just sad. (Nods forcefully)

C&C: Car-crash Cara said – “He can’t be straight because he’s effeminate” about one of the boys. I personally think her gay stereotype was inaccurate and offensive. How did you find it?
S: Well, her perception may be accurate most of the time. (Really?)  I mean there are gay guys out there who are so effeminate they wear heels for their birthday, (I sense Sven is referring to the six inch stiletto boots I wore for my 22nd. zzzzz….) and then there are some who enjoy going to a regular bar, like me. But stereotypes exist only because the majority of gay guys (going by who is uncloseted) are effeminate in some ways. I’m not offended, and people who are should just chill.
C&C: So because a stereotype exists it’s OK for her to perpetuate it? Moving on…

C&C: When it came to eviction, how did you avoid staring at cart-her-away-Cara’s snaggle tooth?
S: (No reply)

C&C: How did it feel coming so close to fifty grand? And if you’d won would you have split it with Can’t-dress-Cara?
S: Not gonna lie – I still dream about it. I could have gone off like a frog in a sock and kick started my career in film/TV but its back to living like a pot plant… you know… cos the best part of your day is when somebody comes and waters you. I don’t know what that means.

C&C: If you were straight is cardboard-personality-Cara the type of girl you would go for?
S: YES INDEED! I love cardboard!! No seriously, I still say to her every time I talk to her that I feel like I am breaking the rules and am supposed to win some kind of a challenge to talk to her. She’s a wicked girl.
C&C: Shame she came across more two-dimensional than a steam-rolled pancake.

C&C: Do you think you got so far on the show because your accent was throwing carcass-looking-cara off?
S: I listen to myself and all I think was how much I sounded like a poo-jabber. I also lisp a bit. I only got so far because I told her I wasn’t interested in her. Lets face it, even if I was straight, I only had one girl to choose from. Even “fucking straight” Andrei pretended to like her more than he did and yeah, that went well.

C&C: Tell us something about you we don’t know…
S: The casting director asking me this over my first phone interview. I answered with “I spit on my toilet better because it cleans my arsehole better when I wipe”. They decided to use it against me when Cara interrogated us in the cell. She was so scary, she held up a toilet roll and goes “what’s this?” – “toilet paper” – “why do you need to spit on your toilet paper?” – and I thought “those sly bastards!!” and I’m like “haha…. because it cleans my arsehole better” – “why do you need to have such a clean bum? Is it for boys?”. I couldn’t stop laughing but I had to make something up on the fly so I go “No, its not for boys! I used to get skid marks as a kid, OK”
C&C: (laughs) Shame!!

C&C: What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?
S: I wasn’t much of a “date” guy, more a “meet and hook-up” kinda guy. So my worst hook-up involved walking around busy Tokyo for 3 hours with my new companion searching for a place to do stuff discretely. It was a Saturday night, and you know how over-populated Tokyo is. All the action we got was literally in a tiny elevator from floor 1 – 4. I took several hours out of my Saturday night in Tokyo to have a stranger lick my knob in an elevator. I should have just had a wank instead.
C&C: (laughs) Oh-my-God, That’s the worst! It’s like sleeping with a guy that you’ve fancied for ages and he’s duller in bed than canine-Cara is on TV.

C&C: Out of the boys on the show, who did you fancy the most?
S: None, I have a fucking awesome boyfriend who I love very much.
C&C: Yeah he is totes amaze! Although I definitely wouldn’t be turning the twins away. Yummers!!

Thanks Sven for your time, see you for Thursday night drinking soon xoxo

P.S. Cocktails and Cocktalk would like to clarify that we don’t actually dislike Cara… we just think she’s a drip.