As seductive lace and marigold yellows grace the runways for this Autumn/Winter, here’s whats OUT in men this Season:
(A list that by no means reflects personal experiences)

  • Men that are all TALK, very little ACTION
  • Old flames, with NEW confidence
    (I got that restarining order for a reason)
  • Straight boys that want some man-action on the side – SO 2007!
  • Ex’s getting back together
  • DJs that lead you on
    (Stick to mixing records, not signals)
  • Getting PIED via Social Networking sites
  • Short men… And their Shortcomings
  • Gays Adopting
  • Dates on the cheapest bar on Old Compton Street
    (Man up! Wallet Out!)
  • Men that scare easily
    (“It was ONE wig, Jheez…”)
  • And Finally, pubic hair so out of control his member looks like it’s missing The Supremes. In fact, ALL out of control body hair…
    “So you can go and shave your back now…” – Regina George

On the plus side, sex outdoors, crushing on your friends ex and nights away with someone else’s husband are all TOTALLY back.