What’s the only thing worse than waking up in THAT awkward morning after situation?
Waking up in THAT awkward morning after situationwhen you haven’t had the awkward drunk sex the night before. God knows where I was when I woke up, but I knew I hadn’t had sex.

So after thanking the guy next to me in bed and briefly accepting his offer not to help tidy up, sashying down Charing Cross Road I went in last night clothes. Fur gilet blowing in the wind, army boots and a vest cut so low everyone on the 176 bus got a good eyeful of my baps… Not really Friday rush hour attire. I looked half squirrel, half ken doll.

An OAP (Old Aged Prostitute) gave me a sympathic look, as though she recognised the walk of shame and appreciated the fact I done it dressed as the hackey fox. As much as I confess to liking my outfit the night before, it wasn’t exactly appropriate with the all boys school at the end of my road laughing at my prevailing nipples.
Still… “I rock that like it don’t mean a thing”