VIRAL: Ken Doll’s Instagram Account Perfectly Parodies Basic Gay Men

An Instagram account dubbed ‘The LA Basics’ is coming for the plastic queens of California. Although, is highly applicable to the thousands of thirsty gay men worldwide.

The Ken Doll who is a part-time model, actor, fashion blogger, gym enthusiast lives quite the glamorous lifestyle; celebrating Labor Day in Palm Springs riding bareback on an inflatable duck, black sugar face masks, and flogging the free boxes of underwear they get sent… #ad.

We can’t wait to see him flaunting his six-pack while eating a 32″ pizza, his gym selfies, and shirtless snaps of him gazing off into the distance while hiking up Runyon. Also make sure you check out the photo captions — they are TO DIE.

LABOR DAY in Palm Springs on a giant floaty. I'm such a goofball! 🌴 #holidayvibes

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#TBT OMG those highlights! I was such a twink before moving to LA. All natural, obviously. #results #fitlife

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Nature is so beautiful. Look at this gorgeous view! 🌊 #beachbod

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This is NOT me. Some idiot in Atlanta is using my pics. Report him!! #getyourownlife #prettypeopleproblems

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[H/t: Attitude]

Author: AnthonyGilet


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