GOSSIP: ‘NYC’s Hottest Cop’ Rants About “Fake” Nudes Posted to his Insta-Story

Last week we brought you the dick pic of ‘NYC’s hottest cop’ Miguel Pimentel. Well… the dick pic that was posted to his Insta-story after all. Pimentel has now spoken out about the image – which featured exclusively online at C&C.

Regarding the snaps, Miguel had this to say:

“There are no REAL leaked photos of me! Plenty of fake accounts and PHOTOSHOPPED pics of myself. Thank You to whatever Hacker/Catfish started this AND for allowing more popularity. BUT I’m sorry to have disappointed all who thought FAKE leaks were actually me. #Goodtry


He raises some valid points about fake accounts and edited pics, when the photo came from his account and wasn’t photoshopped. So we’re to believe that his account was hacked, and then somebody posted a stunt-dick to his story, and deleted it seconds later. FATHOMABLE.

How can anyone have the audacity to hashtag ‘good try’ when they’ve just spun a fairytale longer than Sarah Jessica Parker’s face.

Then we’re not 100, but it sounds like he had to change his IG handle because of all the thirsty gays that followed him. Wait, he’s not gay?! Then why does he have the chest of a queen benching their childhood traumas?

Still though, gettin’ mad ’bout having a gay following after that insta-fail, is like putting a can of old tuna out in an alley way and then being surprised when a school of mangey cats come crawling for a lick. And no tea, no shade, but we don’t think you gotta worry about being pussy-blocked when you’re 5’5″.

The only bullshit going on here, is that excuse. Thou is not famous enough to prey victim to such an extensive – not to mention, pointless – hack.

[H/t: Instinct]

Author: AnthonyGilet

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