VIRAL: Mickey Mouse gets F*cked by Donald Trump, in Dark & Thought-Provoking Viral [Video]


The only time we’re ever interested in a political statement is when it involves pop culture references, and gay sex; fortunately this one has both. A viral from anonymous artist NEO 10Y has addressed the upcoming presidential election from a unique standpoint. In The Kid That Killed Trump, where a faceless figure in a Mickey Mouse costume is seen taking it like a pro from the potential US President, viewers are urged to seriously consider their decisions before voting (November 8th).


So why is Donald Trump topping Mickey Mouse? Well, as a pin-up of American Culture, Mickey represents the US getting fucked by Trump… Unless they set him alight first. And if letting Donald Trump put his dick in you, isn’t a disturbing enough notion to get you to vote Hilary – then child you been lost since birth. Imagine rolling over and seeing that rogue tupé napping on the tan-stained pillow, *shudder*. OHH, so this is why Minnie doesn’t let Mickey drink…

Further though, than the surface of NEO 10Y’s metaphor, “Mickey isn’t a pure symbol” he explains, reminding America that they’ve “put the creation of an anti-semetic man on a pedestal”. MHMM, and you thought Mickey getting dicked by Donald just ruined your childhood? Why don’t you look up the beliefs of Walt Disney. (And no, we’re not referring to their sexist dresscode).

The British artist also encourages Americans to question their inheritance and tarnished history, as like Walt Disney, beneath the pleasant exterior and the American Dream, the country was built on the crooked morals of racism and slavery. The Kid That Killed Trump was designed to urge the public to “support the minorities who are being murdered on the streets every single day.”

“2016 has already taken human kind on an arguably apocalyptic turn inciting a race war, a class war, hatred and the marginalisation of under represented communities; not to mention the grave death toll through violence through ignorance and hatred – all stemming from the dangerous mindset of one particular figure head.”

Food for thought: If Trump can grope women and fuck a lifeless depiction of innocence and childhood, just imagine what he’ll do for America.

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