Generation Z Reject Sexual Labels And & Gender Identities, Study Reveals

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The latest study conducted on fixed gender and sexual identity has revealed that less than HALF of the participants identify as exclusively heterosexual. The new stats come from a study conducted by J Walter Thompson Innovation Group, that found only 48% of Generation Z (13 – 20 year-olds) are solely interested in a partner of the opposite sex. While 56% know someone who goes by gender-neutral pronouns.

The study highlights are relatively prominent change of attitudes compared to the Millennials (28 – 34 year-olds). 38% now believe that gender does not define someone, compared to the latter of 23%. The percentafge of Generation Z that are buying clothes/fragrances/products geared towards their specific gender has also decreased dramatically.

Shepherd Laughlin – director of trend forecasting at the Innovation Group – says, “It’s true that Millennials are progressive on gender issues—they changed the national conversation on gay marriage, for example…

…But Gen Z goes further, showing a much more nuanced and non-binary view of gender which has wide-ranging implications both for their personal identity and the products they buy.”

It’s great that our society is heading towards a less label-fixed outlook, and acceptance of gender fluidity, and only sparks more interest as to what will come after Generation Z…

Author: AnthonyGilet

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