Watch Katy Perry’s Reaction When She’s Kissed By A Girl — And Doesn’t Like It [Video]

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Lesson numero one: If you’re a big singer, then you need to be cautious about inviting stans into your personal space. Like, for real, these people aren’t just lurking in the bushes across from your house, they are most definitely at the front row of your concert. And they have totally been camped out there for four days without food or toilet breaks to be there. Thank God it was just Katy Perry, could you imagine if this was a hasty One Directioner, she’d probably have┬átried to take a swab sample from his mouth and then presented him with a vile of her blood. Those bitches cray. But this one was in San Paulo on Friday, and it looks like she picked up some good shit…

And while the girl proceeded to “lick her neck”, Perry handled it like a pro. Although, that reaction was pure panic:

Author: AnthonyGilet

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