Gay Married Life VS Gay Single Life


Being single for a distinctly long time not only means you receive more texts from your network provider than dating prospects, or have porn on your Bookmarks list, it also means that while your friends sift in and out of relationships you begin to pick up on a few differences between being coupled and being a lone ranger…

Married Gays, Single Gays

Morning sex, Shower wank
Valentines Day, Awful Tinder date
Nandos and cinema, Drunk in McDonalds at 3am
Anniversary in Paris, Gran Canaria Pride
Chilling on the sofa, Chill outs
Phone sex, Phoning Pizza Hut
Spooning, Spoonfuls of Ben & Jerry’s
Trying new stuff in the bedroom, Trying a new X Tube channel
‘In A Relationship’ on Facebook, Shirtless profile picture
Hours of talking, Hours of Netflix
Dinner parties, Orgies
Moving in together, Upgrading to Grindr Xtra
Checking in at theatre, Check-up at the GUM
Hand-holding in the park, Hand-jobs in a car park
Buying engagement rings, Buying cock rings
Meeting the parents, Meeting strangers in smoking areas
The bowling alley, Blowing down an alley
Arguments in public, Arguments with the toilet attendant
Planning the wedding, Planning your ex’s death
Travelling to see his family, Travelling the world
Date night, Two Brewers
Weekend away, Weekend in Vauxhall
Room Service in hotels, Room Service in Soho
Walks on the beach, Walk of shame
Adopting children, Adopting drug habits
Shared baths, Chariots
Mortgages, Debts to dealers



Author: AnthonyGilet

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